Astral S10 Suction Cleaner

The NEW AstralPool S10 Suction Pool Cleaner provides an exceptional cleaning experience, delivering continuous strong suction power to scrub and remove algae and fine particles from your pool floor and walls.

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Our Astral S10 suction pool cleaner has super powerful suction capability with the following:

  • Dual scrubbers make short work of debris and algae
  • Suitable for most in-ground pools up to 10m x 5m
  • Cleans both floor and walls
  • Best suited for small and medium debris

DUAL SCRUBBERS – Delivering a deep clean, the dual scrubbers tackle fine and stubborn debris. The scrubbing brushes can be easily replaced when worn.

CATERPILLAR TYRES – The S10’s tyres allow for incredible maneuverability on all pool surfaces, climbing up walls and cleaning around tight corners.

360° ROTATION – Smart navigation technology allows the S10 to provide complete pool coverage, ensuring no areas are missed. The S10 also boasts a wider cleaning path than traditional pool suction cleaners.

CHANGEABLE DEBRIS COLLECTOR – An adjustable vent allows you to modify the S10 to focus either small or larger debris up to 4cm in diameter. Be aware the S10 is not suitable for long leaves such as palm leaves.

At Kirratech we are proud to be the Cairns warranty agent for all Astral equipment. We stock the complete range of Astral suction pool cleaners and robotic pool cleaners.  We would love to hear from you to answer all of your queries on the complete Astral range of pool products.

Kirratech Pool Services are also the warranty agent for all of your Astral equipment. You will have complete peace of mind knowing your new S10 suction pool cleaner will be backed up with our warranty service.


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