Robotic Pool Cleaner QT1050

The new Viron QT1050 robotic pool cleaner combines ultra-efficiency with intelligence and dual-stage filtration. Equipped with Sensor Nav System™ technology, iAquaLink app integration, an elevate system for effortless pool removal and much more, the QT1050 sets the benchmark for AstralPool’s robotic cleaning range. Featuring the innovative new dual-stage filtration of 150µ/60µ to ensure all small and large debris is picked up.
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  • Smart Sensor Nav SystemTM adjusts and adapts cleaning cycle by learning your pool configuration.
  • Simplified user interface through the intuitiveness of the iAquaLinkTM application.
  • Suction efficiency with patented continuous cyclonic suction power.
  • Dual Stage 150μ/60μ filter canister to capture large and small debris.
  • Includes convenient storage caddy.

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