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About us

About Kirratech

The Kirratech brand began as a small Cairns pool shop in 1987 and has been under the leadership of current owner Rick May since 1999. Our goal has always been to provide the highest quality pool servicing and maintenance services along with professional customer service and our unparalleled knowledge and experience on all things pools. With over 30 years in the industry we know what products work and only stock the best quality pool equipment and chemicals available. Our constant drive to become industry leaders saw the company to expand in an additional avenue to include a swimming pool construction arm known as Kirratech Lifestyle Pools. Today the Kirratech brand is recognized as a leading aquatic construction company in Australia with a history of projects ranging from aquatic centers and splash parks to luxury resort pools and exclusive domestic pool designs.

Our domestic and commercial pool servicing technicians are responsible for many beautiful pools from Cairns to the Torres Strait.  Whether you require a regular service or a one off visit we are able to cater to your every need. In addition we also have a maintenance and repair team of highly qualified professionals equipped for all domestic and commercial pool repairs doing a combination of both in house and on site jobs. The core to our success has been building a highly knowledgeable team of pool professionals to assist our customers to enjoy a clear healthy pool all year round.

Message from the owner

Hey I’m Rick May, I am born and raised in Cairns and have been a part of the pool industry for over 30 years. After becoming the director of Kirratech Lifestyle Pools in 2000 i’ve strived to expand and develop Kirratech to the large scale commercial construction business it is today.

I have a strong belief that attention to detail is the key to success and a job completion hinges on the customer being satisfied.

Business Director by day drag racer and car fanatic by night. If I’m not racing for Mayhem Drag Team, I’m out on the lake or quad riding with my mates. 

“Business can be a battle, but when you learn to stop fighting and focus on maintaining and forming  relationships business becomes more about the people you interact with and achieving satisfaction from the completion of a project and less about monetary values” – Rick May

Meet the Team

Our growth has primarily stemmed from word-of-mouth recommendations. That’s the 100% satisfaction we will always leave our customers with.

Nicola May

Business Manager

Hi, I’m Nikki May, I’m a born and raised Brissy girl, but I have been living in the Cairns district for over 25 years. I have recently taken over the responsibility of Business Manager for Kirratech. With 30 plus years’ experience in business administration some might say I’ve been preparing for this role for a while.

In my spare time I enjoy tapping into my creative roots which can range from fashion design to interior artistic expression.

I am grateful to work with a team full of such great comradery. If I could make one suggestion it would be to implement a ‘bring your dog to work’ day.

Nikita Zammataro

Administration Director

Hey I’m Nikita, I was born and raised in Mossman to a large Italian family with 3 brothers, so communicating with males has been a skill I have developed from a young age . I’ve had extensive experience in accounts management as I began working for my family business in Mossman, Zammataro Plumbing at a young age and lets just say I've picked up some tricks of the trade along the way.

After a long days work the best thing is coming home to my little pug Quad. If Nikki petitioned to have “bring your dog to work day” lets just say I wouldn’t hesitate to sign it.

Jeff Colyer

Maintenance Manager

Hey I’m Jeff, I’m a homegrown Cairns boy, and the longest employed member of Kirratech as I’ve been part of the team for over 20 years. My role has developed and expanded over the years from a pool technician to now being the sole electrical technician and maintenance manager. I’m known to be Mr allrounder, from completing maintenance tasks and repairs to being the storeman on a Saturday morning.

I love going camping, fossicking and surfing but most of all I love spending time with my two beautiful daughters.

I believe that the true test of a man's character is what he does when no one is watching.

Mitchell Hall

Construction Supervisor

Hey I’m Mitch, I have been living on the Atherton Tablelands and Cairns my entire life and have been working with Rick and the boys for almost 7 years. I started as a concreter in the construction team but over the years I transitioned to a construction supervisor where I now manages a range of staff and tasks.

I love focusing on developing my fitness as it allows me to tackle new physical challenges, and go on adventures to some amazing natural wonders of North Queensland. Though on a nice clear day there's nothing better than hitting than taking my road bike for a ride.

My favorite quote is, “be stronger than your excuses” as excuse are what hold you back from success.

Paul Williams


Hey my name is Paul but everyone calls me Wilba, I was born and raised in Cairns which is where I completed my Plumbing apprenticeship. I’ve obtained extensive experience in the trade of plumbing and now more specifically the pool industry. I have also taken it apon myself to be the con But more importantly he is a key aspect of Kirratech Team, from his light hearted attitude to his ability to make anyone laugh its always a good time when Wilba around.

He prides himself on being a bit of a chief and enjoys recreation exercise.

“Not too bad” and “just chill lad” were created and now dedicated to our one and only Wilba.

Kenzi Georgia

Marketing Manager

Hey I’m Kenzi the youngest member of the team, my job includes a range of marketing and social media managing tasks as well as being the office ‘errand girl’. I have been known as the Kirratech Paparazzi, so if you’re camera shy I promise you it will not stop you from featuring on the Facebook Page.

When I'm not reporting on the Kirratech Shenanigans you can find me running a muck with my friends and playing Hockey.

“Opportunities are at the whim of chance, it's all about being in the right place right time, so when an opportunity presents itself its usually meant to be”.


Construction Manager

Hey I’m Bryan, my role is to manage and run our commercial projects under the external directions of Rick. I most recently managed the Tobruk Memorial Baths Townsville redevelopment.
I enjoy metal detecting and driving my old Mitsubishi Triton. The boys say I come up with some interesting theories and ideas but hey sometimes they even work, which is a bonus.
When I'm not at work I enjoy cracking a cold one with the boys, fishing and spending time with my young fella”.


G'day I'm Brett. I fill my day managing the shop and directing our pool technicians. I have been working in the pool industry for 20 plus years and love sharing my abundance of knowledge with our customers.

After work I enjoy driving my Toyota 86, playing Golf and testing my new dad jokes on my children.


Hi im Chris, I’m a returned employee of the Kirratech Team. My day to day role includes regular servicing of both domestic and commercial pools. Although I don't regularly do equipment repairs I lend a hand in the workshop from time to time.

My favourite things to do are sailing, and spending time with my beautiful wife.


Hey, I'm Andy. I've been working for Kirratech for about 15 years, I began in the construction crew as I am a qualified plumber but in my older age i've decided to retire to a more relaxed job of pool technician which I love.

In my spare time I love to collect model defense force equipment which i've been doing for over 50 years, so you may say my collection is quite impressive.


Hey I’m Rangi, I'm a bit of an all-rounder. Throughout a project, it's likely that I will be involved in pretty much all the stages from concreting to tilting and even the equipment clean up at the end; “I set up a mean car wash bay”.

When I'm not at work I enjoy cracking a cold one with the boys, fishing and spending time with my young fella”.


Hey I’m Bryce, I'm a pool technician and the newest member of the Kirratech family.